Very few medicines can be recommended to just about anyone, regardless of age, gender, medical history and prevailing medical conditions. Even the otherwise humble antacid can have side effects. Modern medicine, which is now referred to as traditional medicine, has come a long way. It has evolved and the stringent regulations followed by approvals by the FDA ensure that you would be recommended medicines that have been proven to be safe and effective to varying extents depending on several factors.

HCG injections have grown in popularity in recent years. Their use is more widespread than ever before. HCG injections had raised many eyebrows and instilled skepticism among many at the time of its rollout and when it went through the trials in the nascent phase. Today, one can assuredly say that HCG injections are effective and safe. However, HCG injections are not for everyone. Even if you are otherwise healthy or don’t seem to have any prevailing medical condition, you should ask your doctor to conduct a full body checkup and relevant diagnoses before recommending you even the mildest dose of HCG.

There are scenarios when you should not opt for HCG injections. If you are allergic to HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, then HCG injections should not be prescribed for you. Very few people are allergic to HCG but there are some. You should not opt for HCG injections if you have or have had precocious puberty, also referred to as early puberty.

Any type of cancer that is related to hormones will make you ineligible for HCG injections. One example is prostate cancer. If you have any drug related allergy then too you should avoid HCG injections. You may have thyroid problems or adrenal gland disorder, ovarian cyst, breast cancer, a tumor in the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, uterine bleeding, kidney disease, heart disease, migraines, epilepsy, migraines and asthma. Any of these prevailing health conditions will make you ineligible for HCG injections. Having more than one of these conditions will certainly disqualify you for HCG.

It must be stated that mild cases or severity of the aforementioned conditions don’t completely disqualify you for HCG injections. You could be under treatment and that may not be influenced by or interfere with HCG. In some cases, you may be recommended a milder dose of HCG. There are special tests to find out if administering HCG injections of a certain dosage would be safe for you given the prevailing health conditions or your medical history. A proactive holistic approach is imperative in such cases.